• Maina
  • Aaron
  • Celia
  • Mr. Jeff
  • Rosalie
  • Kiba
  • Evelyn
  • Sofia
  • Jeff Jr
  • Ethan
  • Maxim


Red rain fell from the sky. It was the anger of the gods. Maina knew it was time for her to leave. The tribe gathered around her, blessing her with herbs and smoke, and the elder chief tattooed her face, praying for the gods' mercy on the tribe's last warrior.
For the sake of her people, Maina had to challenge the gods. The road ahead is difficult, but Maina is determined to sacrifice her courage and life.


Born in an ordinary family in a small town, Aaron grew up with a deep interest in machinery and explosives. He is now a qualified field engineer as well as a professional explosives specialist.
Aaron is also known as "The Little Prick", someone who mocks people when they make mistakes. He is shrewd, critical, and super intelligent. The funny thing is that he always wants to get beaten. But those who know him well don't care about his thorny personality. All of Aaron's toughness and meanness are just a cover for his inner vulnerability. After all, he's just a teenager who lost his family.


Celia's father and grandfather are both vehicle mechanics. Repairing cars has been a family business, and she continues to run the repair shop even during the doomsday. Unlike others in the family, Celia believes one should live the moment for pleasure. She's willing to go anywhere as long as she has cigarettes and a mojito. If you ask her if she's worried about the apocalypse, she would probably reply with a smile: "A living wolf can always be found where there are dead sheep.”

Mr. Jeff

Nothing suspicious escapes the eyes of the old sheriff. His keen observation, sound judgment, and logical reasoning are the keys to ensuring his survival during the doomsday.
Mr. Jeff has always been a good listener who knows how to comfort people and catch the tail of a lie. That's why people choose to open their hearts to him. Anyone who sees him will feel a sense of authority, justice, and the pride of an old-school gentleman.


Anyone who sees Rosalie for the first time will be charmed by her bright smile. She is a typical blond beauty, petite and naive, making people want to protect her.
However, this smart lady enjoys thrilling sports and has consistently ranked at the top of the world's female racer leaderboard.
Rosalie never aspires the life in the shelter of her family. She wants to help those suffering. One day, she snuck out of her safe zone and joined the local militia to fight against the zombies.


Covered from head to toe in soft black leather armor, this Samurai hides all his emotions behind the fearsome Oni mask.
He calls himself "Kiba” and is a master swordsman who wields katana as fast as the wind. The enemies could never figure out how he'd teleport in front of them, nor his dazzling moves. "Kill to live, live to fight!” This is the "Bushido” in Kiba's heart.


Evelyn is one of the few researchers active on the battlefield. She considers herself a brave warrior, both in the lab and on the way to resist Zombiflux.
We have one small piece of advice for you: never try to convince Evelyn! Her stubbornness can be a real headache. If she says no with a blank face, you'd better stop right away. The most amazing thing about this is that she often turns out to be the right one.


Sofia and her sister had been living under the terror of war ever since they were kids. After moving to a prosperous city and becoming a prosecutor, she felt that her long-dreamed life had finally come true. But fate is always a fickle thing...

Jeff Jr

"Jeff the Savior, time to shine!"
Whenever a pleasant whistle blows, people would immediately know who's coming out next. There is no such thing as "low-key" for someone always riding a stylish electric skateboard and carrying a backpack in the front.


People rarely see Ethan smiling. Seriousness is his norm, but this does not stop people from trusting him.
Ethan is never an idealist. His past military experiences have taught him the cruelty of war, and his career as a mercenary is nothing short of dark stories about humanity. He has never dreamed of glory and fame, for he knows too well the harsh reality is what he has to face.


He's a tall and muscular soldier with a metallic jaw that gives off a strong sense of pressure. No one dares to say no to such a soldier who seems to come from hell.
He hates zombies, which smell of death, as much as those selfish and greedy humans. The method he uses to solve things is brutal and simple, as he believes the weapon in his hand is more convincing than anything else.